October 26, 2015

As family cord blood banks are popping up across the country, more and more parents are asking themselves and their doctors, “Why save my baby’s cord blood?”

This is a great question, as it leads to further education on the value of umbilical cord blood and its many uses. Because private family cord blood banking has only become more prominent over the past few decades, it is natural for expecting mom’s and dad’s to have questions and even reservations that lead them to consult a parent’s guide to cord blood to expand their knowledge.

One of the primary reasons why you should save your baby’s cord blood is it could play a role in a potentially life-saving treatment down the road. Because the stem cells found in cord blood can currently be used to treat 80+ diseases (with new treatment possibilities undergoing research and trials), families with a history of disease can rest assured that their newborn will have more options and thus a greater chance of survival should they develop a disease that runs in their family, and is treatable using cord blood. If you have a history of cancer or leukemia in your family that cord blood specifically treats, saving your child’s cells through our family cord banking service is an easy decision.

However, even if there is not a history of disease in your family, cord blood banking services are an investment into the future of your child. In just 30 years, researches have already discovered successful treatments to 80 diseases. Imagine how many diseases cord blood will be able to treat another 30 years from now! It is entirely possible that your child could develop a disease at age 40 that can be treated using stem cell therapies derived from cord blood or cord tissue, even if those therapies do not exist today. It may be helpful to think of family cord blood and tissue banking as an insurance policy that holds immediate value with a limitless potential future value.

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