February 20, 2015

Many parents may wonder about this. They think, “Well, our family does not have a history of hereditary illness and our prenatal care is showing that our baby is growing and healthy, so why should we bother with cord blood banking?”

It’s true that not every family has a risk of inherited genetic disorders, but that is not the only thing that cord blood is used to treat. More than 80 diseases, disorders and illnesses are currently treatable with the stem cells from umbilical cord blood. This includes cancers, genetic blood and immune diseases, and blood disorders. It has even been used to treat premature newborns who are at risk for numerous health issues due simply to their early birth. All of this is a wide range of coverage concerning your child’s future health care. But, did you know that certain injuries, including burns and spinal injuries, can also be treated with cord blood stem cells? An accidental injury is something that no one can predict, so wouldn’t you feel at ease knowing your child can grow up having the option of a guaranteed stem cell match if they ever need it?

Some may wonder if the cost is worth it, to privately store their baby’s cord blood. The answer is yes! Think of it as like an insurance policy for your child if they ever need it…an insurance policy worth way more than money. It is an irreplaceable, once-in-a-lifetime gift that you can give to your child, that is guaranteed to be a genetic match to them. The cost upfront is minimal and CariCord has payment options to suit all budgets. Consider this: imagine that you do not store your child’s cord blood but then the unimaginable happens and they need a stem cell transplant in the future. Your option then is to try to find a matching donor through public databases, which is time consuming and not guaranteed. Also, if a matching donor is found, the cost to acquire those stem cells, testing and the transplant as billed by the hospital averages more than $30,000!

It easy to see why cord blood banking is a wise choice and smart investment for your family and their future good health.

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