Step by Step Guide to Storing your Baby’s Cord Blood

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Enrolling is the first step to preserving your baby’s invaluable cord blood. You have two options and the process is easy. Simply, enroll online or by phone at 844-227-4267. After enrollment, your CariCord “CariKit” collection kit will be sent to you with detailed instructions for both you and your healthcare provider.

Birth of your child

When it is time for your baby to be delivered, make sure you bring the collection kit with you to the hospital. The kit contains everything you and your healthcare provider will need to collect your baby’s cord blood, along with detailed instructions. Each kit contains a comprehensive quick reference guide to help answer any questions you or your healthcare provider may have.

Collecting baby’s cord blood

Your healthcare provider will collect your baby’s cord blood in the few minutes after birth. The process is quick, painless and nonintrusive. It typically takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. It does not interfere with the birthing process or the precious first meeting between you and your newborn.


Delivery of your baby’s cord blood

After your baby’s cord blood has been collected, it is secured in a sealed, protective mailing container. After you or your family call CariCord to arrange for pickup (by calling the toll free number on the outside of the kit), a medical courier will pick up your collection kit. The collection kit is delivered to our lab within 48 hours of pick up. Upon its arrival to our lab you will be notified by a CariCord representative.

Processing in our lab

You baby’s cord blood is immediately processed in our state-of-the-art lab and tested for viability and cell count, then cryogenically frozen when all testing is complete. The testing also includes infectious disease testing on the maternal blood sample.

Storage and long-term security

Your baby’s cord blood is safe at CariCord. All cord blood units are marked clearly and securely in a way that they will not be misidentified. Our lab has many security measures in place that protect your baby’s cord blood, including 24/7 electronic monitoring devices and additional measures to ensure safekeeping of your priceless investment.