February 14, 2014

We all have heard in the news, shows, ads, etc. that stem cell is a very important tool for saving someone’s life. It cures many diseases. It helps in regenerating the entire immune system of the human body for those who are suffering from chronic diseases such as anemia, leukemia or any other system disorder that is a problem to the person having it. We know the uses, but still people hesitate to donate it. We know it’s a life saving tool but still the hesitation is there of donating umbilical cord blood to the public banks.


There are many reasons that parents don’t want to give away their child’s umbilical cord blood to the public banks and they are that there is lack of information, no proper equipments and above all the main reason is they want to store it for their family. This is like a life insurance to most of the families, where if anyone gets sick and is suffering from some chronic blood disease then they can use it as a life saviour. But some studies have shown that donation of umbilical cord blood is not only beneficial to the family but also to the other needy people who cannot opt to store their child’s stem cells.


If the child whose blood cord has been stored falls sick cannot use the stem cells because the genetic materials will already be in the blood that possibly made him sick. Hence it will be unsuitable for him to use it. And above that the umbilical cord blood is not always enough to save someone weighing more than 100 pounds. And if you need a stem cell then there are higher chances that you get one match form the public banks instead of the private banks. Infact even doctors prefer to use the umbilical cord blood that was donated in the public banks. And the reason is that they have a regulated system and follow precise standards for preserving the stem cells.


They have a highly standardized and well trained people associated with the bank for any further process from extracting to storing of the stem cells. They follow extremely high standards of sanitation as they know a small mistake can destroy the umbilical cord blood. Private Banks aim mostly to make profits and collect maximum blood cells with lesser quantity so that they can store for many people. In this way there are chances of high risk to the blood cells. So it’s better to donate to the public banks rather some unknown private ones.


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