February 5, 2014

Many people have never heard of cord blood and tissue banking, let alone CariCord. We offer private umbilical cord blood banking services to families nationwide, and are associated with the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank (UCCBB).

The UCCBB is a public cord blood bank with a 17-year history of collecting, processing, banking, and distributing cord blood for more than 30,000 women. Over 10,00 umbilical cord blood units have been collected during this time period, of which 660 cord blood units have been transplanted at upwards of 150 transplant centers in the United States and beyond. UCCBB is accredited by AABB and licensed by the FDA. All units of umbilical cord blood are processed in a Class 100000 cGMP processing facility, and stored in a secure blood bank.

Because the UCCBB is a public cord blood bank, the University of Colorado and ClinImmune Labs established CariCord Cord Blood Bank; The Family Bank at the University of Colorado, for parents who wish to privately store their baby’s cord blood and/or tissue.

The CariCord cord blood laboratory and repository are located on the grounds of the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, which is a part of the Colorado Science and Technology Park. At build out, the Colorado Science and Technology Park will include 17 million square feet of advanced healthcare facilities across 578 acres, offering both treatment and research.

The CariCord umbilical cord blood laboratory is an FDA approved facility to manufacture cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug. This speaks volumes of our expertise, as there are currently only 5 of these FDA approved and licensed facilities in the world. Directly adjacent to our facilities is the Colorado Children’s Hospital, as well as the Veterans Hospital. Our direct association with these research and treatment facilities is another plus for CariCord, as they are focused on current and future life-saving technologies.

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