February 7, 2014

CariCord, affiliated with The Family Bank at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus, offers private umbilical cord blood banking, as well as public cord blood banking through the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank, which has a 17-year history in the industry.

Our private banking service offers cord blood and tissue processing and storage in our highly credentialed facilities, licensed by the FDA. Our laboratory is FDA approved to manufacture cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug, one of only 5 such facilities in existence worldwide. A simple 3-step process makes collection, transportation and storage of your baby’s cord blood and tissue virtually effortless, and gives you the assurance that it will be available if and when it is needed.

Our public cord blood banking service allows parents to donate their baby’s cord blood into the system, so that it can potentially help a person in need, and even save a life. To date, 660 cord blood units have been transplanted in the United States and overseas through the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank. CariCord offers complimentary consultations for families considering donating their baby’s umbilical cord blood and/or tissue.

CariCord’s mission is to “provide patients with the confidence that they have taken the right steps to protect their children’s future, by securing the finest processing and storage of umbilical cord stem cell products available, anywhere in the world”. We’re not looking to be the biggest name in the business, but the best. Quality is nearly always better than quantity, especially in this business. CariCord brings a surprisingly long list of accreditations to the table, so parents can rest assured that they are making the best choice for their child’s future.

Whether you’re considering private or public cord blood banking, our friendly representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about CariCord or the umbilical cord blood banking process. Once you’re ready to move forward, we offer enrollment over the phone or online.

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