July 4, 2014

As you research cord blood banking, you might start to see a common theme – the vast number of treatments available. At the time of the first stem cell transplant in 1988, the medical community used the stem cells in the treatment of only one type of disease (a specific type of anemia.) Much has changed in the 26 years since then. Today, cord blood stem cells are used in transplant medicine to treat and even cure more than 80 diseases with cord blood.

Cord blood contains blood-producing hematopoietic stem cells. They can be used to regenerate blood, organ tissue and the immune system. These cells are used in the treatments of many cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia, as well as numerous blood, immune, metabolic, and genetic disorders. Today more than 50,000 transplants are carried out annually worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, or WHO.

Clinical trials are ongoing around the world looking into the uses of cord blood stem cells in new disease treatments. Cord blood transplants are saving lives TODAY, but what is stem cell research and what does the future hold for other potential treatments?

Future therapies include not only transplant treatment options, but regenerative medicine as well. This includes treatments for cerebral palsy, autism, blindness, traumatic brain injury, stroke, as well as a number of others including Alzheimer's disease, lung and spinal cord injuries, and heart disease.

When a person is in need of a stem cell transplant, a family member is always the first choice as a donor, if possible. By preserving your baby’s cord blood, you not only provide the promise of a healthy future for him or her, but other family members could also potentially benefit from this wonderful gift. A full sibling has a one-in-four chance of being a match in the event that a cord blood transplant is needed. You can increase the odds of a matching donor in your family by banking the cord blood of all the children in your family.

At CariCord, we want to help families just like yours. We pride ourselves on being the best cord blood bank. We are actively involved in current treatments and new potential therapies. We are proud to be involved in a field that so actively provides not only hope to families in need of medical assistance but also treatment and relief of long-time, sometimes painful and life-altering diseases. More importantly, we are proud to be a part of the CURES happening every day.

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