September 18, 2015

One of the things you will learn from the parent’s guide to cord blood is that newborn stem cells are different than other types of cells. What we mean by this is, the cells taken from baby cord blood are different from adult stem cells, which are often extracted from bone marrow. In fact, many researches would say newborn stem cells have significant advantages over adult stem cells, which is a good reason to save your child’s cells via CariCord’s family cord blood services.

One of the advantages of newborn cells over adult cells is they are biologically younger and, therefore, more flexible. They carry a lower risk of complications in the event that a transplant procedure is needed. Cord blood banking is helpful because a person’s own cells are available for transplant if they are needed. The cells will also be available immediately without being put on a waiting list (which can happen with public cord blood banking), which means that doctors can perform the transplant before the disease progresses and becomes more serious.

Both adult and newborn stem cells have the capability to differentiate into different types of cells. They also both have the capability for autologous transplantation and treatment methods and procedures have been established and proven in patients to treat more than 80 diseases. Both adult and newborn cells also carry a low risk of tumor formation, but newborn cells are unique in that they also have a low risk of viral contamination. Newborn stem cells also have a high proliferation capacity, which is why many parents choose to store them with CariCord, a private baby cord blood banking service that offers low prices and discounts from time to time.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to newborn cells is that collecting them at the birth of your child is safe and painless, when you use family cord banking services. In comparison, collecting stem cells from the bone marrow of adults can be an invasive and painful procedure.

When you choose CariCord, you are choosing one of the top family cord blood services for private cord banking. For more information on our procedures, be sure to review the parent’s guide to cord blood on our website. Our FAQ page may also be helpful if you are unfamiliar with what we do or are asking yourself, “What is cord blood?”

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