February 11, 2015

Umbilical cord blood banking provides an opportunity for you, as expectant parents, to make a prudent and incomparable investment in your unborn child’s future health. Cord blood has been proven to be effective in treating and curing more than 80 different diseases and, with continued stem cell research, the future number of yet-undiscovered treatments could be limitless. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are easy and painless to harvest and prepare for medical purposes. These cells have even become the standard of care option chosen by healthcare providers in the treatment of many diseases, when available.

The unique makeup of umbilical cord blood is what makes it so valuable in the treatment of many diseases. The umbilical cord tissue and umbilical cord blood are rich in hematopoietic stem cells (blood forming), mesenchymal stem cells (bone and cartilage forming), unrestricted somatic stem cells (tissue and organ forming), as well as stem cell-like progenitor cells (specific type of cell with limited differentiating qualities). Cord blood stem cells are self-renewing, unspecialized cells that have an almost limitless ability to differentiate into new, different kinds of cells. They have a unique honing ability that enables the cells to seek out damaged or diseased cells and replace them with new, healthy cells.

Cord blood stem cells are not limited by ethical dilemmas like embryonic stem cells, but they are limited by the narrow time frame necessary for collection. Securing of your baby’s umbilical cord blood must be completed by your healthcare professional in the few minutes following birth, immediately after the umbilical cord is cut. If it is not done in this small window of time, the blood will begin to clot and be unusable for processing, storage, or future treatments. Because it is a time-sensitive task that cannot be replicated once it’s missed, enrollment at a cord blood bank early in your pregnancy, is vital to ensure you are prepared and the opportunity is not lost. Once you enroll at CariCord, you will be mailed a CariKit, which includes instructions and is complete with all the materials your healthcare provider will need to collect your baby’s precious cord blood.

A person has about a 1-in-217 chance of needing the beneficial treatment options of a stem cell transplant, at some point in their life. The greatest obstacle a patient faces when it comes to stem cell transplant, is finding a genetically matched donor (if he or she does not have their own stem cells stored and available.) Having a diverse racial background hinders the search even more because the majority of cord blood units stored in public banks are from donors of Caucasian descent. By storing your child’s own cord blood in a private bank such as CariCord, you take the worry out of the search and can just focus on treatments that are needed.

CariCord is ready to guide you through the entire cord blood banking process and answer any questions you may have. Many decisions must be made during pregnancy and many issues are to be considered when preparing to become new parents. But cord blood banking is an easy one. By entrusting us to store your baby’s precious cord blood, you help ensure your child has options available and the best possible chance at a healthy future.

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