April 27, 2015

Stem cell research is constantly growing and expanding, which means that umbilical cord blood stem cells are becoming more and more useful. In fact, a recent Reuters report revealed that clinical trials for an innovative stem cell treatment, for patients who have suffered from strokes, are going quite well. The trial is showing promising effects for potential long-term treatments.

The London company behind the clinical trials stated that, there were not any cell-related or immunological adverse events in any of the 11 patients who were treated during the trial. The only potential problems observed were related to the implantation procedure or the patient’s existing underlying medical conditions. The process of treating the patients in the clinical trial involved injecting neural stem cells into the brains of the patients, in order to repair the areas of the brain that were affected negatively by the stroke. This is thought to improve both mental and physical function in patients.

“What is stem cell research?” you may be asking. “How does it relate to umbilical cord blood banking?”

Cord blood banking is increasing in popularity, due to the specialized stem cells that can be found in the umbilical cord blood of a newborn child. During their stages of pregnancy, some mothers make the decision to preserve their child’s cord blood, so that the stem cells it contains can be used for possible treatment of a disease for that same child, a sibling, or another close match at a later date. If a mother does not decide to preserve her child’s cord blood in a secure private bank like the one CariCord offers during the pregnancy stages leading up to birth, the potentially life-saving cord blood is discarded as medical waste.

Because stem cell research is constantly growing and expanding, new treatments and even cures for diseases are continually being discovered, such as cures for certain types of cancers or anemia treatment. You never know what your child’s cord blood could be used for when you’re going through your stages of pregnancy and making a decision about whether umbilical cord blood banking is right for you. Currently, cord blood is known to treat more than 80 diseases, including several forms of leukemia, as well as anemia treatment.

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