As you explore CariCord, you may be wondering something like, “So, what sets you apart from other umbilical cord blood banking services?”

We think that is an excellent question!

CariCord, is similar to other umbilical cord blood banking services in that we provide excellent service at affordable prices for families from all walks of life, helping them secure their child’s future, to give the entire family peace of mind for years to come. But we are unique in that we are the only private cord blood bank that processes cord blood and tissue in a laboratory that is certified to manufacture cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug. Did we mention that there are only 5 of these facilities worldwide? We also process your child’s umbilical cord blood in a Class 10,000 clean room using only the highest quality equipment available. There is no substitute for quality, and we believe that you should not settle for less than the very best, when it comes to your child’s future health.

When you bank with CariCord, you can rest assured that your child’s cord blood and tissue will be stored in a secure facility, in the event that it is needed 5, 10, or perhaps 20 years down the road. We share our repository with the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank, which is FDA-licensed to manufacture and store public cord blood units. We have a seventeen year history of excellence, proven by accreditation and licensure and we are partners with a quality institution that is advancing research in the field of regenerative medicine.

When you choose an umbilical cord blood banking service, don’t just focus on getting the best deal. Consider the long-term quality of storage and care that your child’s valuable cells will receive. We believe that CariCord is the best choice in cord blood banking service. We store your child’s cord blood in a state-of-the-art facility that will continue to store cord blood for decades to come. Don’t take a risk on a company that may not even exist 20 years from now. Choose CariCord, to help secure this important investment in your child’s future.

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