July 28, 2014

CariCord is offering one more incredible reason to choose to bank your baby’s cord blood – 5 years of FREE storage for your baby’s cord blood! CariCord state of the art, high quality processing is also included with this introductory offer. You can save up to $1750 by signing up before Dec. 31, 2014! Everything you need to store your baby’s cord blood is included in the price: the collection kit, standard shipping, stem cell processing, courier fees and five years of FREE storage.

CariCord is the only cord blood bank to offer this kind of savings. We do everything possible to make cord blood banking affordable for all families. In addition, we offer no fee, no credit approval, interest free financing – something you won’t find at any of the other leading cord blood banks.

Affordability isn’t the only thing that makes CariCord the best cord blood bank though. When compared to other cord blood banks, CariCord stands out above the rest – our secure lab is FACT accredited and an FDA-approved cord blood manufacturer (one of only five in the United States) and the option for public cord blood banking is also available through our affiliation with the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank, or UCCBB. Both CariCord and UCCBB are components of ClinImmune Labs, which has an almost 2- decade-long history of collecting, processing, banking and distributing cord blood.

You can rest assured knowing that your baby’s cord blood will receive the highest quality care by our reputable, expert staff at CariCord, which is highly credentialed and has a rock-solid history. Parents, you can be confident entrusting us with your baby’s cord blood, based on our history, our medical knowledge and expertise, as well as our state-of-the-art laboratory and equipment.

When it comes to quality, security and price in choosing a cord blood bank, the right choice is clear with CariCord. To enroll your family for cord blood banking and take advantage of this money-saving offer, call 844-227-4267 or visit our website at caricord.com.

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