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    If you’re not already familiar with the process of umbilical cord blood banking, this presentation will provide you with an overview of the process and help you determine the best option for your family.

  • What Are Stem Cells?

    The human body is composed of more than 200 specialized cells, each of which carries out a very specific function.

    Stem cells are individual cells within the human body that have the ability to replicate themselves into identical cells or form new cells entirely. This makes them quite valuable, as they can be used to repair or replace cells that have been damaged or lost.

    What Are Stem Cells?
  • Stem Cell Uses

    Many diseases are caused when a specialized cell within the human body is lost or damaged.

    Stem cells are currently used to treat more than 80 diseases, including blood disorders, bone marrow failure, metabolic disorders, immunodeficiencies, several types of cancer, leukemia, and other diseases. Research and clinical trials are currently underway to expand this list, which will continue to grow as the field of regenerative medicine advances.

    Stem Cell Uses
  • Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative medicine can be defined as the process of repairing or replacing cells, tissues, or organs within the human body, so that they once again function as they were designed to function.

    There are two primary types of stem cells found in newborn children that have the potential to be used for a variety of treatments: hematopoietic and mesenchymal. Hematopoietic stem cells are primarily found in cord blood, while mesenchymal stem cells are primarily found in cord tissue. Both cord blood and cord tissue can only be collected at the birth of a child, through a cord blood banking service like CariCord.

    Regenerative Medicine
  • Clinical Trials

    Scientists working within the field of regenerative medicine are currently researching and conducting clinical trials to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, which is caused by a loss of insulin-producing specialized cells in the pancreas.

    Finding a cure for this disease (and many others) is far easier when stem cells are used to repair and/or replace damaged or missing cells within the patient’s body.

    Clinical Trials
  • Banking Options

    When it comes to cord blood banking, parents have two options to choose from: private and public banking.

    CariCord offers both private and public cord blood banking options, as well as free consultations to help parents determine which option is best for them.

    Banking Options
  • Family/Private Banking

    Family or Private Banking, is a process where a newborn child’s cord blood is collected and stored in a repository for future use by the child or a family member, in the event that it is ever needed to repair or replace damaged cells. The process is private in the sense that the cord blood is available exclusively to the child or a family member that is chosen by the child’s guardians.

    Before current discounts, private cord blood banking is priced at $2,395 and cord tissue only banking is priced at $795. A combination package of both cord blood and tissue banking is available for $3,190, before discounts. Storage can be paid on an annual basis for as long as desired, or a prepaid storage plan can be purchased in 10, 15, or 20-year increments. If you have questions, please call us. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have about pricing or storage plans.

    Family/Private Banking
  • Public Banking

    Public banking is quite different from private banking, in that it is simply a “donation” of your child’s cord blood to a public cord blood bank, just as you would donate blood to a blood bank. The donation could potentially save a life, but the cord blood will not be exclusively available for your child’s personal use. It should also be noted that only approximately 15% of cord blood units donated will actually be banked, due to minimum donation size and other requirements.

    CariCord partners with the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank (UCCBB) for public cord blood banking. Over the past 17 years, UCCBB has banked more than 10,000 units of cord blood, of which more than 700 have been transplanted at 120 transplant centers in the United States and abroad.

    Public Banking
  • Discounts

    We understand that private cord blood banking may seem expensive at first; however, it should be viewed as an investment in your child’s future. Parents should also take into consideration quality and dependability when choosing a cord blood banking service.

    Currently, discounts are available on most of CariCord’s products. Parents can make the most of their money when they bundle cord blood and tissue banking together and purchase a pre-paid storage plan, rather than paying the standard year-to-year storage price. Call us and we can set up a payment plan for you.

  • Don’t Waste Their Cord Blood

    Though highly beneficial, cord blood banking (either private or public) is not a medical requirement. The default option is to choose to do nothing, which will result in your child’s cord blood being discarded as medical waste.

    In the event that you cannot afford private cord blood banking, or decide that it is not the best option for your family, consider public cord blood banking as a viable alternative. Choosing this option over the default will give your child’s cord blood a chance of being the cord blood that saves or improves the quality of life for a person in need of a transplant.

    Give back. Don’t waste their cord blood.

    Don’t Waste Their Cord Blood
  • Decisions, Decisions

    We understand that this decision is an important one that may take time. However, it is important that you do not wait until the end of your pregnancy to make a decision as to which option you will choose, regarding your child’s cord blood.

    Cord blood can only be collected at the birth of a child, and it is necessary for a kit to be ordered ahead of time from CariCord. While we do rush orders of these kits, standard ground shipping is free, which is incentive to place your order well in advance. Making a decision earlier on also saves parents from dealing with more stress at a later stage in the pregnancy.

    Decisions, Decisions
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