May 27, 2015

Umbilical cord blood banking is a fast-growing field of modern stem cell research. Because cord blood can be used to treat more than 80 diseases, including cancers, leukemia, blood disorders, and anemia treatment, a mother’s decision to save her child’s cord blood during her stages of pregnancy can play a critical role in the life of the child at a later point. This is why CariCord’s private family cord blood bank exists, and why we encourage mothers to consider utilizing this invaluable service, no matter which of their pregnancy stages they are currently in.

Many patients with inherited or acquired blood diseases, including sickle cell anemia, can only be cured by receiving a transplant of normal blood stem cells, appropriate cells, which could be collected during the cord blood banking process. This is why we are very happy that the New York State Stem Cell Science Program has awarded a $15.7 million, four-year research grant to a consortium of scientists and transplant clinicians at the Ansary Stem Cell Institute at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Center for Cell Engineering at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

For patients with sickle cell anemia in need of treatment, as well as other types of blood disorders, this is good news! Umbilical cord blood banking can presently treat many types of blood disorders, and we hope that the research that results from this grant will be able to find more cures and develop more treatments. There may be new treatments utilizing cord blood available tomorrow as stem cell research advances, which is why expecting mothers in various stages of pregnancy should consider umbilical cord blood banking today.

When you choose private umbilical cord banking through CariCord, you can rest assured that your newborn’s cells will be collected and stored in a secure facility after your pregnancy stages. In the event that they are ever needed for a blood or anemia treatment, they will be available at your disposal. A simple decision during your stages of pregnancy to choose CariCord could play a crucial role in your child’s life in the future.

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