There is no substitute for quality!

CariCord asked parents, “What are the single most important factors in deciding where to bank your baby’s cord blood and tissue?"  The resounding responses were, “Quality and Security”.  Parents wanted to be confident that they had obtained the highest grade processing for their cells and that they would be stored in a reputable, secure location.  Even though price was not in the top five answers, CariCord has made every attempt to make cord and tissue banking as affordable as possible. We believe that we are the only private bank providing our customers pharmaceutical grade processing, done in a Class 10,000 clean room, in a FDA Biologic Certified Laboratory.  Your child’s cord blood and tissue will be stored at the repository under the same roof as the FDA licensed public cord blood units, at the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank, and will receive the same technical oversight and tender loving care.



You have the choice to bank your child’s Cord Blood and Tissue as a package or you can choose one of them separately.  The first year of storage, for one or both, is included in the price for processing, as are all charges for shipping, medical courier fees and the collection kit.  Storage can be paid annually or pre-paid, for terms of 10, 15 or 20 years at escalating discounts.  Storage for cord blood & tissue represents a savings from the price to store each one individually.  HLA Typing is also available and recommended, as it will always be done if the unit is to be used by the donor or a sibling.  There are some special discounts available for multiple births, to our military parents, police or firemen and medical personnel. Please call 844-CARICORD (844-227-4267) and discuss these programs with our Customer Service Representatives.