April 14, 2014

Over the past few decades, the stem cells found in umbilical cord blood have been used to cure more than 70 different types of diseases. These powerful stem cells have been used to restore blood and immune systems in over 30,000 transplants across the globe. Cord blood has proven to be a valuable medical resource for the cord blood registry. Doctors are using it to save lives today, and as stem cell research continues to advance and expand, cord blood will likely be used to treat diseases for which there is currently not a cure.

Because cord blood has shown to be quite useful over the years, more and more parents are preparing for the future by turning to cord blood banking services to process and store their newborn children’s cells. When parents bank with CariCord, they can rest assured that their child’s cells will be processed in a sterile laboratory that is certified by the FDA to manufacture cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug, one of only 5 facilities with these credentials worldwide. Once the cord blood is processed, parents can take confidence in knowing that it will be stored in a secure repository for future use. There are already dozens of uses for cord blood today, and as stem cell research continues to advance, there will only be more and more uses for cord blood in the future.

CariCord offers private cord blood banking services to parents across the nation, in order to help them prepare for their child’s future. As you may know, the stem cells found in cord blood can only be collected and stored in a cord blood registry at the birth of a child. After that, there is no chance for the cells to be collected and stored in a cord blood bank. Therefore, it is important that parent’s plan ahead and bank their newborn’s cells at birth, so that they will be available for potential cures that stem cell researchers may not discover for another 5 or 10 years.

If you are interested in exploring your private cord blood banking options, we invite you to explore our website, then take any questions you have to one of our friendly customer service representatives, who are just a phone call away.

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