CariCord Signs National Marketing Agreement with Proven Women’s Healthcare Company ASCEND Therapeutics®

Relationship Focused on Expanding High Quality Product & Service for Women and Families Through Trusted Specialty Sales Partner

July 11, 2016, Irvine, CA – CariCord and ASCEND Therapeutics (ASCEND) have launched an exclusive nationwide sales and marketing partnership for the sale of high quality private/family umbilical cord blood banking services. The licensing agreement is based on processing of families’ umbilical cord blood and tissue for future therapies and existing medical treatments. CariCord is the only U.S. cord blood company offering FDA-licensed protocols and laboratory processing and storage to private family cord blood customers. Through its ClinImmune Partner’s state-of-the-art labs at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus, part of the Colorado Science + Technology Park, CariCord customers are assured of a high quality product they can trust should their child or loved one need treatment. ASCEND has a proven national sales force noted for their vast technical training and product knowledge in delivering high-quality women’s health products to healthcare providers. ASCEND’s specialty sales force maintains successful relationships with a network of prominent OBGYN practices by fostering key relationships centered around providing value to their healthcare partners.

“We are very excited about this winning partnership,” said Calvin Cole, CariCord’s President and CEO. “Positioning our highest quality cord blood banking with the specialized resource of ASCEND’s network will drive expecting parent referrals. Ultimately, mothers listen to their healthcare providers and want the best quality for their child’s future. The alliance of our proven cord blood banking at the university-developed, FDA-licensed lab with a respected resource to OBGYN’s through ASCEND, delivers quality cord blood banking families can trust.”

CariCord and ASCEND have proven models of implementing their visions for high-quality products and services through exclusive partnership agreements. ASCEND has established itself as a resource partner for many healthcare provider practices and were eager for additional value-added services it could recommend through its network of trained sales representatives. CariCord and its laboratory partner, ClinImmune, have developed a specialized technical training course for ASCEND to drive physician and consumer knowledge and awareness of cord blood collection, banking, treatments and developing therapies. This will empower ASCEND’s network to better inform leading doctors and expecting families.

“This unique opportunity fits with our dedication to provide such high quality health products to improve quality of life for women,” said ASCEND President and CEO, Jay Bua. “We have been watching CariCord’s products and services develop, and are always looking to keep pace with the exciting developments in care for women. This partnership is a perfect fit with our heritage and commitment to partners that uphold the same high standards of quality and innovation we do. Our trained specialty representatives pride themselves on bringing value-added opportunities to their relationship networks in healthcare, and the CariCord manner of delivering cord blood services is an exciting addition. We look forward to driving its awareness and utilization so more families can have peace of mind knowing the stem cells preserved are of the highest quality and will be available to save or treat their loved one if needed.”

About CariCord, Inc.

CariCord’s mission is to provide families with the confidence that they have taken the right steps to protect their children's future by securing the finest processing and storage of umbilical cord blood and stem cell products available anywhere in the world. Founded in 2013 by a proven industry management team, the CariCord laboratory and repository are located at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus, part of the Colorado Science + Technology Park. CariCord, in partnership with the University of Colorado, is the only private cord blood bank that offers stem cell processing and storage at an FDA-licensed cord blood manufacturer; the University’s cord blood bank has provided over 800 units for successful transplant worldwide. CariCord provides parents all laboratory processing and repository needs through its affiliation at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus laboratory, which also encompasses leading research facilities and treatment centers. With this public institution as a key partner, CariCord is built to last, giving its customers long-term peace of mind with operations geared toward current and next generation life-saving technologies. Learn more:

About ASCEND Therapeutics

Founded in 2002 in Herndon, Virginia, ASCEND Therapeutics (ASCEND) is a specialty pharmaceutical company solely focused on women’s healthcare. ASCEND continues to embody excellence by concentrating on high standards in commercial and product development. ASCEND sustains its commitment to making a difference in women’s healthcare through knowledge, innovation and quality products in all aspects of outreach. Learn more: