If you’re researching cord blood banking, it probably won’t be long until you read about the notion that “newborn” stem cells may be different than other types of stem cells. “Newborn” adult stem cells are taken from cord blood, while adult stem cells are taken from bone marrow and other sources. When saved and stored in a cord blood registry and repository, there are some who think newborn cells have unique advantages over adult cells.

One of these advantages of newborn cells over adult cells is the fact that they are biologically younger and therefore, possibly more flexible. There are those who feel that the mere fact that these cells are biologically “new,” means that they could be superior in quality to cells that come from an older individual.

Most importantly, banking a baby’s cord blood is advantageous because a person’s own cells are available for transplant, almost immediately, without being put on a waiting list (for a good enough match, which can happen with public cord blood banking). This is significant because it means that doctors can perform the transplant relatively quickly, before the disease progresses and becomes more serious.

Both adult and “newborn” adult stem cells have the capability to differentiate into different types of cells, which can prove useful in the world of stem cell research. They also both have the capability for autologous transplantation/treatment methods, and procedures have been established and proven in patients, to treat more than 80 diseases. Both adult cells also carry a low risk of tumor formation, but newborn cells are unique in that they also have a low risk of viral contamination. Newborn adult stem cells also have a high proliferation capacity, which is why many parents choose to store them with CariCord, a cord blood banking service similar to Cord Blood Registry, but with more significant accreditations.

CariCord is unique when it comes to cord blood banks in that, your newborn’s cells will be processed in the same sterile laboratory that is certified by the FDA to manufacture publicly donated cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug, currently one of only 5 such facilities in the world. When choosing a cord blood banking service, it is important that parents choose a company that they know will give them the quality they can trust, which unfortunately, not all cord blood banks offer. CariCord is committed to be the best banking service as seen primarily from a quality standpoint. However, with several pricing options, no-interest, no-service charge financing and discounts, parents will find that CariCord is actually quite affordable. When you combine affordability and quality you can trust, storing your newborn’s stem cells with CariCord is essentially a “win” on all counts.

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