October 28, 2015

Research shows that mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) isolated from umbilical cord tissue are of excellent quality and highly useful for cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine. This is one of the cord tissue benefits. Although cord tissue stem cells are not currently approved for human clinical treatments, cord tissue banking through CariCord is a sound investment in the future of a child’s health. If you aren’t familiar with cord tissue, it is crucial to do your research and learn more about this valuable medical resource.

Families who are wondering if umbilical cord tissue banking is necessary, since it cannot yet be used will be comforted to know that ongoing research continues to show positive results for cord tissue banking. Recently, a team of scientists developed a new method for the isolation, cryopreservation, and expansion of MSC’s found in cord tissue. In this study, the cells were isolated by manual dissociation and a semiautomatic dissociation system. They were then cryopreserved and analyzed after thawing for a variety of factors, including proliferation rates and differentiation capabilities, which are cord tissue benefits.

The results of this study were positive, and established a new standardized clinical protocol for isolating MSC’s from cord tissue that is quite reliable. These cells can be preserved and used in clinical tests of various sorts, and will likely someday be available for human treatments.

In the meantime, umbilical cord blood collected through CariCord’s family cord blood banking service can be used to treat more than 80 diseases in children and adults. Thousands of successful treatments have been performed worldwide and lives have been saved, which is positive news for the family cord blood industry.

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