February 14, 2014

The umbilical cord stem cells are extracted from what's left in the placenta which can be removed after the birth of the child. Despite this there are many people unaware of the fact. There some people who don’t know the importance of preserving the umbilical cord stem cells. These are kind of building blocks of a human beings life which helps in further treatment and medical research in so many ways. They have multiple uses like it can be used to repair or for the re-growth of any damaged tissues in the body. The reason for the damages could be anything like an accident, chronic diseases, or any other kind of illness.


If the umbilical cord stem cells are from the original donor there is no sign or risk or rejection as they are a part of the person thus helping to reshape or re-grow in whichever way they want. There are many uses of the stem cells but a few major ones to bring to notice are:


Firstly, Curing children detected with type 1 diabetes. It is so painful for the adults to have a needle poke you several times in the day, so imagine how painful it is going to be for the child. This could be blessing for those parents whose children are suffering from this pain. It is a relief to them if their child could get out of all this pain.


Secondly, repairing of the cardiovascular system, as it is the core thing for any human being. Just imagine your child is playing football and is struck so hard that his heart is damaged, with the umbilical cord stem cells you can repair the damage caused and safe the life of your child. Though this would happen in 1 child out of 100 but there is a possibility.

Thirdly, it also helps in repairing the central nervous system. They can repair the damaged brain cells too that may have been damaged in an accident. This is like a boon in disguise to the child. Also to bring to your notice that if there is any kind of genetic defect then you cannot use the same umbilical cord stem cells for treatment as they would carry the same defects. Instead take it from another donor. Therefore umbilical cord stem cells play a very important role in any person’s life. Safe humanity, donate stem cell, because in emergency if you need you can get one.


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