Harvard trained Pediatric Cardiologist and Mom of 3

Banking your baby’s cord blood at birth is an important decision for every family. I work with sick children every day, and I am aware of how precious a child's health truly is. Keeping my own children healthy is the most important thing to me. There are bad trips to the grocery store some days, and days I drop into bed exhausted, but I am totally in love with my kids and so thankful each day for their health.

During my first two pregnancies I was in residency and fellowship, and my husband and I were building a house and building our life. I knew about cord blood banking and had discussed the benefits with pediatric oncologists. However, the cost was an extra that we could not afford at that time. I have since learned some banks do offer financing plans. Luckily for me, the hospital I delivered at offered donation and I loved the idea of my baby’s cord blood going to help others. For my last baby, I decided to bank privately with CariCord. The pediatric oncologist, whom I work with and who treats children with cancer, said to bank for this pregnancy, so our family has an additional health resource.

Our family is glad that we donated and privately banked our children’s cord blood for the future. I recommend that families look into family cord blood banks and donation programs in their area prior to delivery to decide if it’s right for their family.

Blog by Kristin Laraja M.D.

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