Harry Kloor, PhD, PhD

Ph.D. Physics, Ph.D. Chemistry

Dr. Harry Kloor, Ph.D. Physics, Ph.D. Chemistry, is a writer, director, producer, scientist, inventor, and national technology policy advisor with 15 years experience writing/developing films and TV series. In 1994, Dr. Kloor earned the unique status of being the first and, to date, the only person in the world to simultaneously earn two doctorates in any discipline. He has one Ph.D. in Physics and another in Chemistry, both earned at Purdue University. This achievement was so singular that it gained national recognition in such publications as The New York Times and People. He was also named ABC person of the week in 1994.

From 2001 to 2005, Dr. Kloor was the Chief Science Advisor for the Ten Million Dollar Ansari X Prize, and one of the three founders of Rocket Racing League with Peter Diamandis and Robert Hariri. Dr. Kloor was one of thescience founding team member of Singularity University (located at NASA AMES).Harry also serves as a Media Advisor for Singularity University, taught part-time at the first summer session at SU. In 2011, Dr. Kloor served as one of the Track Chair’s for DARPA’s “100 Year Starship Project”. Dr. Kloor is founder and CEO of Loarz, Inc, a digital content distribution company.

Dr. Kloor is also a media expert. He is CEO and Founder of Jupiter 9 Productions, a Hollywood production company that produces features and TV shows. Dr. Kloor is presently writing a feature for Fox Studios, his last feature project is the Film Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, which he wrote, produced, and co-directed through his production company Jupiter 9 Productions. Quantum Quest stars the vocal talents of Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen, Neil Armstrong, James Earl Jones, Amanda Peet, Abigail Breslin and many others. His writing credits include Star Trek: Voyager, the animated series Godzilla, and Earth: Final Conflict, of which he was a producer and one of the creators/developers of the hit TV series. He is presently working as writer/producer adapting several bestselling science fiction books into features, including “The Widowmaker”, “Hunting the Snark”, and “Sideshow” all novels by Mike Resnick, and “Ill Wind” and “Captain Nemo” by Keven J. Anderson. In the world of television he is developing 5 original series: “Searchers”, “Merlin’s Gang”, “Rise of the Phoenix”, “Galaxy Racers”, and “Cutting Edge”. Outside of film and television, J9 is developing several new entertainment technologies that will provide new platforms for content developers. Dr. Kloor is presently writing a feature for Fox Studios based on Keven Anderson’s book, ILL WIND.

Dr. Kloor is a recognized leader in bringing science to the public. He founded a National Physics Outreach Program at Purdue University in 1991, forming partnerships with Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Pictures to use their iconic properties such as Spider-Man and Star Trek to advance science. He serves on a variety of education committees and assists with various organizations in the advancement of science education to the public.