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What is the cord blood collection process?

There are two methods for collecting cord blood – either right before or immediately following birth. Both methods are completely safe and painless for mother and baby, however, CariCord, along with most medical professionals, prefer that the cord blood be collected after birth. For this method, once the baby and placenta are both delivered, the umbilical cord will be clamped and cut. Using the supplies provided in your collection kit, your doctor or nurse will then carefully collect the cord blood using a sterile gravity method.

To do this, he/she inserts a needle into the umbilical vein and the blood drains into a collection bag that contains an anticoagulant. It is then packed up and readied for shipment. The entire process is discrete and takes only minutes; it’s likely you’ll be so enamored with your new arrival that you will forget it is taking place.

Your cord blood unit is then ready to be shipped to our lab for processing. Your collection kit contains everything needed for collection and shipment of your baby’s precious cord blood.