September 14, 2015

Many expecting moms and dads who review our parent’s guide to cord blood have discovered that CariCord’s family cord blood services are the best option for their family. However, we realize that saving cord blood for personal, private use is not for everyone. There is another option, public cord blood banking. Expecting parents should consider both and make an informed decision that is the right fit for their family.

Because umbilical cord blood can only be collected at the birth of a child, there are only three options. The first is private family cord banking services, which reserves your child’s cells for personal use in the future. Review the cord blood banking pricing section of our website for more information on this potentially life-saving practice. The second option when it comes to saving cord blood is public banking. This is similar to making a donation to a traditional blood bank. It allows anyone who is a positive match to benefit from your child’s cord blood. The third option is to do nothing. If you choose this option, your baby’s cord blood will be disposed of as medical waste. Those that understand the value of the stem cells found in cord blood would likely not recommend this option.

If you choose public cord blood banking through CariCord, your child’s stem cells will be donated to the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank. This major component of ClinImmune Labs has been collecting, processing, banking and distributing cord blood units for more than 18 years. During this time period, more than 8,500 units have been banked and more than 750 have been distributed at over 120 different locations in the United States and around the world. While it is important to note that only 25% of cord blood units that are donated can actually be accepted and banked (due to minimum donation size requirements), this should not discourage parents from making the decision to donate their child’s cord blood to a public bank through CariCord.

For more information on the differences between public and private banking, feel free to explore our website or contact us for more information on these potentially life-changing services. You can also find a parent’s guide to cord blood on our website, which many aid you in making your decision.

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