August 03, 2015

It is currently estimated 130 million babies are born worldwide each year. Many of these parents will choose family cord banking services, because they understand the value of umbilical cord blood banking. Currently, cord blood and cord tissue banking benefits include the treatment of more than 80 diseases and disorders. Umbilical cord blood and tissue collected at the birth of a child by family cord blood services is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells, which are highly useful within the field of regenerative medicine, as one of the cord tissue benefits is the treatment of the many diseases mentioned above.

One of the ways that stem cells collected via umbilical cord blood banking are being utilized is for use in bone and cartilage regeneration. A recent study out of London and Greece explored functional alternatives to bone autografts using stem cells collected through family cord banking. This research sought to develop new treatment strategies for cartilage defects, a great challenge that could be addressed through tissue engineering. This could be one of the cord tissue benefits in the future, provided that umbilical cord blood cells can be effectively used to produce atraumatic and perhaps autologous bone and cartilage grafts, that are as cost effective as umbilical cord tissue banking, through family cord blood services like CariCord.

When it comes to using stem cells for bone and cartilage regeneration, it seems that stem cells collected through cord blood and tissue banking benefits the patient more than using stem cells derived from bone marrow. While further research and clinical practice is necessary to determine this, umbilical cord blood and tissue banking is becoming a more and more attractive way to safely and effectively acquire mesenchymal stem cells that carry great regenerative potential. This is why more and more families are choosing cord blood and umbilical cord tissue banking through CariCord, because new benefits are continually being discovered by researchers.

To learn more about how cord blood and tissue banking can benefit your family, or to answer the question, “What is cord tissue?” if you are new to this fascinating field of medical research, feel free to explore CariCord’s website and contact us with any questions you have regarding cord blood or umbilical cord tissue banking services.


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