August 12, 2015

It may be hard to believe, but umbilical cord blood banking has only been around for a few decades or so. However, it is quickly growing in popularity, as more and more families are seeing the potential cord blood and cord tissue banking benefits and making the decision to preserve the stem cells contained therein through CariCord, one of the best choices for family cord banking.

Stem cell research is being pursued to discover new cord tissue benefits. Cord blood can presently treat more than 80 diseases, but the discovery of new treatments and therapies makes utilizing family cord blood services a more popular choice for expecting parents. When a programs wins an award or receives a new accreditation, it is good news for the entire family cord banking industry, as it indicates that umbilical cord blood banking is a viable field that will continue to grow in the future.

One such program that recently received a high honor was the University of Virginia Cancer Center’s Stem Cell Transplant Program. This program received international accreditation for its use of stem cells and bone marrow to treat blood cancers in patients. As most of you may already know, cord blood is a rich source of these stem cells that the University of Virginia used to treat leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. These diseases can be treated via cells collected by family cord blood services, whether they are the patient’s own cells collected through umbilical cord tissue banking, or cord blood cells donated to a public bank. If you don’t know the difference between public/private banking or are wondering, “What is cord tissue?” explore the “about” section of our website for more info.

The Cancer Center is a part of the UVA Health System, based in Charlottesville, VA. The center is accredited by the Commission on Cancer and is one of the 69 National Cancer Institute designated cancer centers in the country for research, prevention, and treatment options. The stem cell transplant program at UVA is composed of more than 20 doctors, nurses, and technical staff who evaluate and monitor patients in an outpatient clinic. They also perform stem cell transplants, some of which utilize cord blood stem cells, in a dedicated inpatient unit within the UVA health system in Virginia. If you are a patient of this clinic, you just might receive a cord blood transplant that was collected through the family cord banking program of CariCord!

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