October 03, 2014

What if…? 

That is a question that goes through every parent’s mind at some point or another. What if my child is diagnosed with a life-changing disease? What if they are involved in an accident and have a major brain or spinal cord injury? What about burns? Genetic diseases? A person could make themselves sick wondering what they would do if any of these “what if’s” happened in their family. But, with cord blood banking, parents can give themselves some peace of mind knowing that if any of these things do happen, their child will have more options for treatments, as well as genetically matched stem cells if they ever need them.

A major deciding factor for many parents considering cord blood banking for their child, is the vast potential of stem cell research. Today, more than 80 diseases, injuries and disorders are treatable with stem cell transplants, but what does tomorrow hold? Researchers are sure that stem cells’ potential is still in its early phase of discovery and its possibilities for treatments could be endless. That is great news for parents. Not only do they have the knowledge that their family has options, should any one of them develop any of the more than 80 diseases currently treatable and curable with cord blood stem cells, but they also have the peace of mind that more treatments should be available in the near future.

Stem cell research and cord blood banking go hand-in-hand. As more is discovered and made known, more families are making the wise choice to preserve their child’s cord blood in private cord blood banks, such as CariCord. The discoveries found in labs and clinical trials give families hope – hope that should anyone in their family be injured or diagnosed with a disease treatable with stem cells, that they will have the opportunity for treatment or a cure by utilizing their own stored stem cells, which will always be there exclusively for use by your family.

No parent or family wants to go through any type of life-changing injury or diagnosis, but wouldn’t you like to know that you have provided your family with the best possible chance of overcoming it? One way is through cord blood banking. It is a once-in-a-lifetime gift of hope you can give your child, a gift of opportunity, a gift of potential and a gift that you will always be grateful is available, should they ever need it.

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