November 11, 2015

What if we told you that a simple decision made during your pregnancy term could potentially end up saving the life of your child at some point down the road? With family cord blood services, it is possible! The stem cells found in umbilical cord blood can be utilized to treat more than 80 diseases. Thirty years ago, this was not possible, but it is today, thanks to modern stem cell research.

The unique thing about family cord blood banking that makes it different from other types of stem cell collection is the fact that cord blood cells can only be collected at the birth of your child. Therefore, it is important that expecting parents learn more about this process and cord blood banking prices before their delivery. When you choose CariCord, you will receive a collection kit in the mail. Simply take it to the hospital when you go to have your baby and your doctor will take care of the rest. After collection, your kit will be delivered to our secure laboratory near Denver, Colorado, where it will be processed in an FDA-certified facility and stored for future use when it is needed.

There are two types of cord blood banking: public and private. We’ll take more about these differences in a separate blog post. While our private bank is our primary service, public banking is also available through the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank, which has distributed over 700 units of cord blood to date. Not all of these treatments are for life-threatening illnesses, but cord blood has been known to save lives. These stem cells have been proved by medical professionals to regenerate and create new cells of multiple varieties and cure more than 80 diseases.

Both private and public family cord blood banking can save lives. However, if you do not choose a family cord banking service before the birth of your child, their valuable stem cells will be discarded as medical waste and will be gone forever. The simple decision to save your family cord blood could save the life of your child or another positive match in your family, which is reason enough for ALL expecting parents to research umbilical cord blood banking services from CariCord.

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