July 13, 2015

It is estimated that more than 130 million births take place annually across the globe. While many of the families of these newborns will choose umbilical cord blood banking, millions more will not. This is an important issue, because there are many benefits to family cord banking. Umbilical cord blood and tissue is considered to be one of the most plentiful reservoirs of stem cells that carry a regenerative potential for numerous clinical applications.

What is cord tissue? It is the actually umbilical cord itself, which contains many mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells in high quantities, particularly in the Wharton’s jelly. There are many cord tissue banking benefits. Mesenchymal cells are the building blocks of bone and cartilage, and epithelial cells are precursors to skin, smooth tissue, and organs. Clinical trials are ongoing to discover more cord tissue benefits, which is why expecting parents should consider umbilical cord tissue banking through CariCord, one of the finest family cord blood services.

Though umbilical cord blood banking collects stem cells to be used primarily used in fighting blood disorders, the spectrum of diseases for which it can provide an effective treatment also includes many non-hematopoietic conditions. Cord blood can be used to treat more than 80 diseases, and cord blood banking and tissue banking can be great resource for regenerative cell therapy and immune modulation as well. This has made umbilical cord blood and tissue banking very popular in an era of many new therapies. Cord tissue banking benefits will only continue to increase as research increases, and family cord blood services like CariCord will grow to meet the demand.

Family cord banking collection, processing, and long-term storage is easy, safe, painless, and non-controversial, as opposed to other types of stem cell research you may have seen on the news. Cord blood banking is therefore a great asset to families and the medical community worldwide. Explore our website to learn more about cord blood banking and cord tissue benefits. Now is the time to tap into the future of regenerative medicine, and invest in the life of your child for years to come.

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