September 25, 2015

A recent study examined the therapeutic effects of mesenchymal stem cells collected by family cord blood banks in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in rats. The researchers determined that cord blood could have multiple therapeutic applications for treating this condition; however, due to low survival rates in a previous study, this study utilized a conditioned medium from a culture of mesenchymal stem cells as an alternative to the unconditioned medium that was previously used.

The conditioned medium in this study was composed by culturing the stem cells in three-dimensional spheroids. It was then injected in the rats as part of the study. Compared with the control unconditioned medium, the conditioned version was shown to be more effective in treating PAH, as it reduced ventricular pressure and maintained respiratory function in the animals that received the treatment.

Future studies may find that cord blood is a viable option to treat PAH in humans, which would be good news for the family cord banking industry. Currently, stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood can be used to treat more than 80 diseases in humans, which is why many parents have found great value in the services that CariCord offers. For more information on family cord pricing or to read our parent’s guide to cord blood, visit our website.

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