July 06, 2015

CellResearch Corporation, a Singapore-based company that specializes in stem cell technology and other things pertaining to umbilical cord blood banking announced on June 17, 2015 that it had received approval for its latest patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, DC. This patent, which is for an exclusive stem cell technology, will pave the way for new discoveries that will make an impact for family cord banking on a global level. This patent also will secure CellResearch’s stance as a global leader for stem cell technology, which is important for some families who are asking “What is cord tissue?” and exploring cord tissue banking benefits.

CellResearch will be utilizing its new patent to partner with organizations in the United States that will benefit family cord blood services such as CariCord. Their proprietary technology will create a platform that will be able to treat a wide range of diseases, including heart diseases, brain diseases, skin diseases, and more. These are some of the cord tissue benefits. One of the umbilical cord blood banking researchers that will be partnering with CellResearch is the University of Colorado School of Medicine. They will be using stem cells taken from umbilical cord lining in clinical trials to explore treatments for diabetic wounds. These trials will help CellResearch move toward FDA-approval for Cell Research’s patented stem cells to treat these wounds.

Gavin Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of CellResearch stated, “We are delighted to be able to work together with the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine, one of the world’s leaders in stem cell research and therapy. Chronic diabetic wounds are notoriously difficult to heal and we believe that this partnership is a key step towards our objective of providing an affordable and effective wound care solution for sufferers. This development is also an important move forward to allow cord lining stem cell therapy to treat other diseases.”

Stem cell technology is a growing trend in the medical community today, especially when it comes to utilizing stem cells collected through umbilical cord blood and tissue banking. The cord tissue banking benefits include the potential treatment of more diseases, which can be treated with cord blood and tissue. There are many family cord blood services that can collect the stem cells found in umbilical cord blood and tissue, including CariCord.

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