August 10, 2015

If you are familiar with umbilical cord blood banking, you probably know that there are many benefits to this service. In fact, stem cells collected through family cord banking can be used to treat more than 80 different diseases, including many types of cancers and blood disorders. They also show potential in clinical trials for bone and cartilage regeneration and repair. When stem cells collected by family cord blood services were joined with a hyaluronic acid hydrogel composite, it showed remarkable results in rat and rabbit models.

For this study, a full-thickness chondral injury was intentionally created in the trochlear groove of each knee in 6 minipigs. Three weeks later, an osteochondral defect, 5 mm wide by 10 mm deep, was created, followed by an 8-mm-wide and 5-mm-deep reaming. A mixture of 4% hyaluronic acid hydrogel composite and 1.5 ml of mesenchymal stem cells collected through umbilical cord blood banking was then transplanted into the defect in the right knee. The same defect created in the left knee was left untreated as a control. Twelve weeks after this procedure, the degree of cartilage regeneration was evaluated. The transplanted knee resulted in superior and more complete hyaline cartilage regeneration compared with the control knee. This showed researchers that, in this particular animal model, human cord blood collected via family cord blood services showed consistent potential for cartilage regeneration, which could serve as a stepping stone to a human clinical trial in the future.

This study shows the potential benefits of family cord banking as stem cell research continues to progress and find new uses for cord blood. For those asking, “What is cord tissue?” the CariCord website contains a wealth of information, as both cord blood and umbilical cord tissue can be collected and stored through our family cord banking program. There are many potential cord tissue benefits under review, as it is also a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells. CariCord offers a special where parents can combine cord blood banking and umbilical cord tissue banking into one package for a special discounted price that costs less than each individual service does when combined.

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