May 22, 2015

CariCord is proud to announce a collaboration with the International Space Medicine Consortium (ISMC), E-P Therapeutics, and Forever Identity to provide cord blood units to the ISMC for studies and testing of umbilical cord blood stem cell survivability under Micro Gravity simulation. The Micro Gravity testing will simulate the conditions onboard the International Space Station and activities in Low Earth Orbit. The study will investigate diagnostic and therapeutic protocols addressing traumatic brain injury and intracranial pressure in the space mission environment.

The results will be critical to the ISMC, as they work to improve space medicine and its unmet medical challenges. ISMC is committed to connecting people and space exploration by pioneering space medicine technologies and applications, and they are benefitting from cord blood stem cell research. ISMC is positioned to support future United States and international human spaceflight missions and the emerging commercial space tourism industry.

The team at CariCord is honored to have been chosen by the ISMC as the supplier of cord blood units that were donated by mothers after their stages of pregnancy for this study. In a press release, ISMC an spokesperson named CariCord and our partner, ClinImmune Labs, as “one of the largest and highest quality stem cell repositories in the world.” They also noted that our inventory of FDA-licensed cord blood drug units at our secure University of Colorado Medical Center repository had some of the highest TNC levels. This means we are an excellent choice to consider for umbilical cord blood banking during your pregnancy stages, especially since cord blood can be used for anemia treatment.

This study has begun as of May 2015, under the direction of Dr. Steven Diamond and Dr. Thais Russomano at the ISMC in Washington DC. Dr. Diamond and Dr. Russomano serve as the President / COO and Senior Vice President / Chief Medical Officer of ISMC, respectively.

In the future, CariCord will also be conducting research to discover new uses of newborn cord blood stem cells in conjuction with ISMC and other strategic partners. We are expanding stem cell research to find new potential treatments and cures for diseases utilizing units that were collected through umbilical cord blood banking. Currently, cord blood that is collected at the birth of a child after a mother’s stages of pregnancy is known to treat more than 80 diseases, including anemia treatment.

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