October 21, 2015

When choosing a family cord banking service, it is important that your selection has a commitment to quality throughout every stage of the cord blood banking process. A quality family cord blood service offers excellent customer service and makes the collection process a breeze, but also pays careful attention to handling and processing of your child’s cells prior to long-term storage in a secure facility.

Here at CariCord, we adhere to strict quality standards for cord blood processing. After your doctor has completed your child’s cord blood collection at the birth of your child, the cells collected are shipped by a secure medical courier to our processing laboratory at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. Once received, your child’s cordblood cells are received, they will be processed according to high quality standards before being cryopreserved in a long-term storage facility.

The CariCord laboratory has been approved and is licensed by the FDA to manufacture cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug. This is one of only five such facilities in the world that is licensed by the FDA, so you know you are getting a high level of quality as you consult your parent’s guide to cord blood. All privately banked units of cord blood are processed in the same Class 10,000 clean room that our licensed public cord blood units are processed in, using the same equipment, procedures, and handling procedures. All of our lab technicians are highly trained and adhere to the strictest quality measures.

The FDA does not require private cord blood units to be licensed, because they are designated for autologous use (don’t worry, they may still be used for a close family member, provided they are a sufficient match). Therefore, it is an extra measure of quality for a private family cord banking service to process their cord blood units in an FDA-licensed laboratory. CariCord’s quality certainly speaks for itself in this manner.

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