October 14, 2015

CariCord is the result of ClinImmune Labs and the University of Colorado joining forces to create a private family cord blood banking service. Unlike public cord blood banks, family cord blood banks allow those who use them to reserve their child’s cells for personal use in the future, whereas public banking functions much like a traditional blood bank.

ClinImmune Labs has been processing cord blood for more than 18 years as a public bank. Because cord blood banking is a relatively new industry, experience matters and is an important factor when choosing a family cord banking service.

Currently, CariCord is the only family cord blood banking service that processes the cells they collect in a laboratory that is licensed by the FDA to manufacture cord blood. This is also one of only five such laboratories in the world.

In addition to being highly experienced and credentialed in the family cord blood banking world, CariCord’s laboratory has released over 700 units for transplant as of Sep 2105. This is substantially more than competitors ViaCord and Cord Blood Registry, which have released 268 and 262 units, respectively. CariCord has more than both of these combined, showing another area where they lead the baby cord blood banking industry. These 700+ units have been released to more than 120 transplant centers worldwide. Cells stored in CariCord’s family bank have saved lives across the globe!

“We have been processing cord blood units under federal contract since 2006, we were among the first to elevate our cord blood banking practices to FDA BLA licensure. I’m pleased to announce we are the first to leverage our lab’s best practices to serve private consumers, while sustaining our efforts to build the National Cord Blood Inventory with life-saving transplant ready units. We believe our partnership in CariCord demonstrates a sustainable pathway that is responsive to current and future private and federal sector demands,” said Brain M. Freed, Ph.D., DABHI, Professor of Medicine and Immunology, Executive Director for ClinImmune Labs and CariCord’s Cord Blood Bank.

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