At CariCord, we understand that it may be difficult for some parents to make the decision to make a significant investment to store their child’s umbilical cord blood in our cord blood bank. However, we have found that most parents are far more concerned about quality and security of the cord blood bank, than they are about the financial aspect of cord blood banking. We know there is no substitute for quality, and we have also worked to make our umbilical cord blood banking service as affordable as possible. We can assure parents that when they choose CariCord, they will receive one of the highest grades of processing available for their child’s cord blood. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only 5 cord blood banking service in the world that processes FDA licensed, publicly donated cord blood units, in a Class 10,000 clean room, within a FDA-certified laboratory. When you choose CariCord as your cord blood bank, you can rest assured that your child’s umbilical cord blood is stored in the same repository as the FDA-licensed public cord blood units of the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank.

Though the decision to bank your child’s cord blood might not seem to have immediate value, it is a critical investment in the future. As you may already know, the window of time that umbilical cord blood can be collected to be processed and stored is at the birth of a child, which means the decision to choose cord blood banking should not be taken lightly. The decision you make today could potentially save the life of your child down the road, especially if you have a history of certain diseases in your family.

The price for processing your child’s umbilical cord blood includes your collection kit fee, all shipping and medical courier fees, and even the first year of storage in our accredited cord blood bank. Additional years of storage can be paid on an annual basis, or you can purchase 10, 15, or 20-year blocks of storage at increasing discounts. If you choose to store both cord blood and tissue, you will receive a discounted price, as opposed to paying the individual cost, times two. CariCord also offers additional discounts for multiple births, current or retired military, police personnel, firefighters, and healthcare workers. We would be honored to be your cord blood bank of choice, as you make this significant investment in your child’s future.

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