November 04, 2015

Being pregnant, especially with your first child, is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. At the same time, there are many important decisions you must make. One decision that all expecting parents must make has to do with family cord blood banking. You may not think the decision to store your child’s cordblood stem cells is important, or even something you need to think about right now, but it is crucial when it comes to protecting your child’s future in the long run. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with family cord banking, so many valuable stem cells are discarded as medical waste.

Cord blood can currently be used to treat 80 diseases, with research investigating more ways these cells can be used to treat common illnesses that take the lives of thousands of Americans each year. It can only be collected at the birth of a child, so a decision must be made for family cord banking well before a delivery takes place, to ensure that your doctor has the proper equipment to perform the collection, which CariCord provides. If you do not choose a family cord blood service, your child’s stem cells will be discarded and not available for a future potentially life-saving treatment. This is why this is an important decision that all expecting parents must make.

Soon-to-be parents should do their homework on stem cell research and family cord banking, get all of their questions answered, research cord blood banking pricing, and make a decision that could potentially save their child’s life down the road, or perhaps the life of a close family member that is a positive match for transplantation.

We believe that our cord blood banking prices are competitive, but if you find a lower price from another family cord blood service, consider this: CariCord is the only major private bank that processes collected units in a laboratory that is approved by the FDA to manufacture cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug, one of only 5 such facilities in the entire world. This is serious quality that you can trust, and many parents would consider it worth it to pay a little more for quality when it comes to cord blood pricing.

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