January 23, 2015

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is no doubt an exciting time for you and your family as you all prepare for the newest addition. Lots of things will be happening as you progress throughout your stages of pregnancy – both to you physically and your surroundings as you ready yourself and home for your little one’s arrival.

First and foremost, taking care of yourself and the precious baby growing inside you is the top priority. As you know, our baby’s health is solely dependent on your own wellbeing. Providing the opportunity for your baby to develop as healthy and strong as possible in the womb, means you’ve given him or her a promising head start following birth. Eating healthy foods, continuing to exercise, and receiving prenatal care throughout all your stages of pregnancy will ensure you’re providing your growing baby the best environment for healthy development.

When most expectant parents are asked which sex they’re hoping to have, the response is usually, “We just want a healthy baby, we’d be happy with a boy or a girl!” Clearly, taking steps to ensure the good health of your baby doesn’t end at birth. Not only are they reliant on you during your pregnancy stages and development, you will also be their caregiver, comforter, teacher, and friend as they grow up. It’s normal to wonder if you’re doing everything the right way. Every parents wants to do their best when it comes to decisions they make on behalf of their child and his or her welfare. One decision many parents are making to ensure the best quality care and medical options are always available to their child is umbilical cord blood banking.

Cord blood banking is a process where the cord blood left remaining in your baby’s umbilical cord following birth is collected and placed in long-term cold storage. Collection must be done in the few moments following birth before the blood begins to clot. Because it is a time sensitive situation – and one that cannot be duplicated if it’s missed – preparation is vital. Cord blood banking is a decision best made during the early stages of pregnancy to allow time to receive the collection kit necessary at the time of birth.

Cord blood banking is a choice you can feel confident in making for your child; there are only advantages to this decision. Cord blood contains countless, potentially life-saving stem cells. Cord blood stem cells have been proven effective in the treatment of more than 80 diseases and disorders. By choosing cord blood banking and storing it for your child, you have provided him or her an irreplaceable option for future medical use. It’s one of best decisions and greatest gift you can give to your newborn baby.

Continue to have a healthy, happy pregnancy and please contact CariCord if you have any questions about the umbilical cord blood banking process.

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